With the Upcoming WordPress Update, Do We Still Need To Optimize Images With 3rd Party Tools?

I often talk about automating the maintenance of a WordPress blog. I have one partner, very few employees, but run several web sites. I am not a security expert, so I put the onus of security on a managed WordPress hosting solution. Also, I let the same hosting package, albeit a little pricier than your $5/month GoDaddy or Bluehost package, handle speed. They take care of things like asset distribution (in terms of a content delivery network or CDN), caching, and custom server tweaks. They keep an eye on the code being run on their servers to make certain it is optimized for speed and efficiency. Underneath that, WordPress does a decent job on its own in terms of speed and security.

Even with how awesome WordPress is out of the box, and the extra perks you get with a managed WordPress host, I always felt like there was still one area that was somewhat of an issue, in terms of speed, and to a lesser degree, storage. Images.

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Making fast web hosting for WordPress even faster

In this post, I want to give you a quick tip on how to speed up your already speedy WordPress web site, but first, some background, as well as the type of host you should be using if you use WordPress for your web sites.

In the early days of my web development career, I took pride in telling people that they could host their web site for less than $100 per year. In fact, you can probably find such quotes around the web somewhere with my name attached to them.

Since then, I have went through some trials and tribulations, and the phrase cheap web hosting doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Sure, affordable is great, but choosing a host based on price as the top priority isn’t appropriate for me anymore, and it shouldn’t be for you.

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